LEGO Jurassic World sets officially unveiled at New York Toy Fair

LEGO has finally unveiled the highly anticipated Jurassic World sets, which are currently set for a May release. The sets are said to be key scenes from the movie and feature a variety of characters and dinosaurs including the Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon, T-Rex, 2 Raptors and the new addition to Jurassic World, the Indominous Rex. It should be noted that the sets may also include small spoilers.

Below are some pictures of each of the sets – click to enlarge!

Dilophosaurus Ambush

Dilo_Box   LEGO_Dilo_set

This set contains Gray and an ACU troop mini-figure, a Dilophosaurus, gyrosphere, and what looks to be a Jeep similar to the original Wrangler but sporting a fresh new blue paint job. It is interesting to see the Dilophosaur in the Lego set that are from key scenes from the movie. There seems to be a pretty good chance that its going to be seen in the movie.

Pteranodon Capture

Ptero_Box   LEGO_Ptero_set

This is the smallest of the Lego Jurassic World sets. It includes a Simon Masrani and an ACU trooper mini-figure, a Pteranodon and a helicopter (JW001) with a firing net feature.

Raptor Rampage

Raptor_Box   LEGO_2_Raptor_set

This mid range set features an Owen, Claire and an ACU trooper mini-figure along with raptors Blue and Delta. Owen’s motorbike and the Mobile Vet Unit vehicle are also included. It seems as though the Raptors are attacking the Vet Unit and Pratt.

T-Rex Tracker

Trex_box   LEGO_Rex_set

The Rex set is one of the two largest sets of the line. It features Hoskins, a vet, and another ACU trooper minifigure and the fan favorite T-Rex. Also featured is a very large transport/capture vehicle for the Rex.

Indominus Rex Breakout

Irex_box   LEGO_IRex_set

This is the largest of the Jurassic World sets that is being released. There are 4 mini-figures: Dr. Wu, Zack, Vet, and an ACU troop. But the star of this set is the Indominus Rex. The I-Rex’s paddock, a helicopter and a gyrosphere are also present.

Personally, I think these sets look fantastic. There are a good amount of mini-figures, dinosaurs and vehicles that fans should be very happy with. Look for these to start hitting in May before the release of the movie.



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