How Dinosaurs Could Help Us Fight Malnutrition

Nathan Myhrvold discusses how research he has done on modeling dinosaur growth may help us understand how children grow.

Bill Gates explained the problem like this: “If you’re measuring a crying, squirming baby who doesn’t want a cold tape measure pressed up against his body, you might not get the numbers exactly right. There’s also a host of reasons a child could be short. Is this girl short because she’s malnourished? Is she from a short family? Or has she just not hit her growth spurt yet?”

Recent research had suggested that there was no relationship between the gross domestic product of a country and childhood growth rates. However, once Myhrvold looked at the data and the researchers’ methodology, he put it through the same analysis he used on T-Rex growth. What he found was a greater-than-ever correlation between GDP and child growth.


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