Raptor Encounter Opens at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando – Full Experience Video

Get up and close to a living dinosaur at the Raptor Encounter at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Watch this full experience POV for this new Meet and Greet attraction.

Velociraptors have arrived at Jurassic Park in Universal’s Islands of Adventure! That’s right—starting this week, you’ll get the chance to see these magnificent creatures face to face in an all-new experience: Raptor Encounter.

The encounter is located between Camp Jurassic and the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.

Your experience begins when you approach a paddock where the raptor will be contained. You’ll learn some cool facts about the dino that you may not have known—like that an adult Velociraptor can reach upwards of 96 kilometers per hour in the open!

Then, if you’re brave enough, you can approach the nearly 9- foot- tall wild raptor for a photo. But be sure to keep your hands and feet away… you wouldn’t want to end up being its dinner! Are you daring enough to meet this giant, prehistoric reptile?

Attribution: AliciaStella.com


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