Jurassic World Collectible 3D Glasses – Unboxing and Review

Alicia and Rover review the limited edition Jurassic World collectible RealD 3D glasses. They come in four designs and can be purchased from the manufacturers website here. They will not be available in your local theater, so order yours now!

When you order you get all four styles of glasses featuring Indominus Rex, Tyrannosauraus Rex, and the Velcoiraptors Blue and Charlie.


They look great, and are big enough for adults to wear, but I’m sure kids are going to love them! They’re perfect for collectors, Jurassic Park fans, and families looking to make the theater-going experience a little more special.


Each pair you receive will be packaged in a sealed poly bag printed with Jurassic World branding and logos. They kind of look like Popsicles to me when in the package.

Each features the Jurassic World logo on the side, making them the perfect collectible and souvenir for the film. They are nearly the same size as regular RealD glasses when worn, so they’re great for adults and kids, plus, they fit over prescription glasses just fine.

Here’s a side by side comparison of regular RealD glasses and the collectible glasses, as demonstrated by Rover the Triceratops.


All in all, they’re great collectible items that look great on your shelf, and can be something you and your family can cherish for years to come and remember your Jurassic World theatrical experience! Get your set here, and order fast before they become extinct!


Special thanks to the CDM Company for sending us a set of these fantastic collectible glasses. It is greatly appreciated!


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