The Lost World: Jurassic Park RV Restoration [Season 1]

A dedicated group of Jurassic Park fans have united to take on the behemoth task of restoring one of the screen used RVs from The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Watch the first five parts of this highly addictive series below. Help contribute to the restoration here.

A few months ago a friend of theAFICIONAUTO, Franck Galiègue, bought the ORIGINAL screen used RV from Jurassic Park 2 on Ebay. Franck lives in Switzerland and so can’t work on the RV himself. In their incredible kindness and generosity, members of the Jurassic Park Motorpool and StarCarsCentral have donated their time and effort to restore the RV back to its original glory.

The RV has been sitting in Santa Clarita for the past 6+ years and hasn’t moved in that time causing the paint to fade and the tires to deflate, crack and sink into the dirt. The interior has been stripped of all its props and personality and has been left bare and dirty. With a pretty invasive infestation of rats and their accompanying droppings this is looking to be a project that will take months if not years.

Watch as Christopher Rutkowski, Ari Bayzid, Brian Uiga and many others work together to bring this MASSIVE movie vehicle back to life as we all remember it in JURASSIC PARK THE LOST WORLD.

Today Christopher Rutkowksi and Ari Bayzid work together to change one of the front wheels, which takes two hours because everything is seized up. As if the age and rust wasn’t enough, the RV has sunk 3 inches into the dirt on the left side. Meanwhile a locksmith drills out the ignition in prep for trying to get this beast started.

The land owner is kicking us off the lot and we only have a couple days to get it out of there. The problem is the trailer is wedged between an expensive prop tent, a house and many centuries old trees. With only 5 guys and no professional equipment to do the job Chris, Ari, Franck, Joff and Marco must use everything at their disposal to turn the trailer around and get it ready to drive. With such a herculean effort one needs the best tools, a Jurassic Park Jeep and a MONSTER TRUCK!!!

This is our last day with the RV in the Desert of southern California. Starting at 6am the team only has 8 hours to get the RV to a shop in Anaheim, CA before it closes it’s doors at 2pm. With limited resources and manpower they don’t have any time to change fluids or do any engine maintenance. They are simply going to change a tire, reconnect the trailer and take off on an 80 mile trek through 100+ degree heat with the slim hope of getting there.

We complete our journey to the RV shop in Anaheim, but not without a fair share of trouble along the way. First we need to fit in a gas station too small for the RV and nearly getting arrested by federal agents and then overheat for 4 hours. All of this before embarking on the long and dangerous drive 60 miles down the 5 interstate in the middle rush hour traffic. Just as we near the destination, things start to fall apart.

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