Final Two Travel Style Posters from Jurassic World

The official Jurassic World site’s RaptorPass mailing list has sent out a new link to the final two “travel-style” posters. These posters are for the Indominus rex and T. rex Kingdom. No word yet on whether these posters will be available for purchase in stores, but some outlets are offering the posters as a bonus gift when pre-ordering the Blu-ray, including Barnes & Noble. Check them out below and click on the image to view full size. It makes a great desktop wallpaper! Also see the first two posters below or click here.



The Jurassic World website presents itself as a real site for the theme park, and if these new posts are any indication, it’s going to continue to be updated over time as the film comes to Bluray/DVD and later the sequels come out. Click the image below to visit the page and see the images yourself!



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