Universal Pictures campaigning for Jurassic World at the 88th Academy Awards!

JW-OscarsJurassicWorld.org:  Universal Pictures have begun a campaign with the intentions to bring Jurassic World to the 88th Annual Academy Awards!

JPLegacy first reported the story with a photo of a screener copy of the film with a list of potential nominees on the inside case. Click the image on the right to enlarge it!

The movie has broken multiple records and has had a surprisingly successful run for the fourth film in a franchise that had been extinct for 14 years. It is even on track to become the year’s best-selling Home Entertainment release!

On top of that, Jurassic World has also fared well with critics, reaching a solid 71% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 80% audience vote. It’s fair to say the movie was a success, which explains Universal’s decision to push for an Oscar run.

While it’s uncertain that it will be nominated, it certainly is refreshing to see our favourite franchise be considered for this and I do hope it at least is nominated for something, perhaps the moving score by Michael Giacchino, or the production design by Ed Verreaux.

You can find a little bit of more information here at Universal’s official website.

What do you think Jurassic World should be nominated for, if anything? Let us know in the comments section below!

Thanks to DinoReviews101 at JPLegacy for the source, great find!

Attribution: JurassicWorld.org


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