Jurassic World 3D Project Version 0.2 Now Available

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Version 0.2 of the Jurassic World 3D Project by Michael Pearce (GamingOnTheRaidar on Youtube) is now available for download! This interactive program for PC and Mac lets you explore a fully fleshed out recreation of Jurassic World and its many attractions, sites, and landmarks. In this first update since last month’s initial release we’re getting a recreation of the original Jurassic Park Visitor Center, now in ruins on Isla Nublar. See below for all the great changes in the new version!

In Version 0.2 we’ve added a bunch of new features and changes.

We released the first Version last month and got an overwhelming positive feedback from fans. We also got a lot of people asking what was next for the Project. Well we listened to fans feedback and decided to make the Old Visitor Center Ruins from the original Jurassic Park, including the ruins of the Park Gate.

Sequence 07.Still013Also in 0.2 is an all new Lighting System which fans and testers asked for. This lets players visit the park at night and day.

Version 0.2 includes an all new Helicopter JW001, which will fly over Isla Nublar at all times. Follow it to see some amazing sights at the park.

Sequence 07.Still014One of our biggest new features is the ability to fly up to attractions and hear more about them thanks to our new Park Announcers. Want to learn more about the Innovation Center? Fly up to it and hear all sorts of fun facts, history and details!

Our improved water looks better than ever and is new to Version 0.2

Over all small improvements and texture/model changes have been added as well so please keep your eye out, and enjoy this new and exciting version of Jurassic World 3D Project.

Download the project here for Windows or Mac!

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What is ‘Jurassic World 3D Project’?

Jurassic World 3D Project lets fans explore the beautiful park recreated from Jurassic World by Michael Pearce. You will be able to freely move anywhere you want and explore the entire island of Isla Nublar. At the 1st of each month we will be releasing a new version of the Project for everyone to enjoy, each version will include the latest updates and models to the Park.

It was made using ‘Unity 3D’ and is only playable on PC and Mac. Jurassic World 3D Project despite its looks, is not a ‘Game’. Its a unique way for fans to explore our 3D Model of Isla Nublar and to check out our animations.

The project was never intended to be released as a ‘Playable’ program so don’t expect the same kind of experiance you’d get in a game such as Lego Jurassic World.

This Project will constantly be updating, we will release a new version every 1st of each month so stay tuned for some amazing lasting content.


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Download the project here for Windows or Mac!

View all project updates here!


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