Prehistoric Magazine’s First Issue Now Available – A Magazine With Bite!


Prehistoric Magazine is an online magazine that will be released three times per year featuring articles about dinosaurs, discoveries, interviews with paleoartists, movie and book reviews, featured artwork, and more! The magazine is published in April, August, and December and subscribers will be sent a PDF of each issue as they become available. You can sign up for a subscription here!

While we are currently a small but growing online magazine, we hope to gain followers from every far corner of the globe. Our aim is to find readers who truly want to learn and engage with others regarding the prehistoric world of the past.

prehistoricmagazine_aprilcoverThe April issue of Prehistoric Magazine is our first of hopefully many magazines to come. We are pleased and excited with the product that you see before you to your left. The beautiful artwork that adorns our cover was done by paleoartist extraordinaire Stevie Moore. The scene features two deinonychus that are hunting a lone tenontosaurus in the lush jungle of their Cretaceous world. This scenes breathes with life and truly emanates the spirit of what we truly aspire to be. Below you will find a brief table of contents making up the April issue of the magazine.

Below are some details about what you can expect to find in each issue and some of what I thought about this months inaugural issue’s content.

prehistoricmagazine_dinoboth2Featured Articles
Each issue of Prehistoric Magazine will feature articles that build and serve to further flesh out the prehistoric world. It is these articles that make up the basis of our magazine.

The April issue includes an in-depth article on Deinonychus, as well as several other interesting articles and an interview with amateur fossil hunters.

Each year the wind and the rain expose and bring more fossils and bone to the surface. With this comes the increased chance for discovery.

The first issue includes an interesting article about the discovery of Titanoboa, the largest snake that has ever existed, and it helps explains what the climate was like 60-58 million years ago.

prehistoricmagazine_interviewbothPaleoartists & Paleontologists
Prehistoric Magazine will often spotlight various paleontologists and paleoartists within the industry. Casual readers will find it interesting and those seeking a career in the field may learn a tip or two.

This issue includes an interview with Paleoartists Stevie Moore, who created the incredible piece of artwork on this issue’s cover.

prehistoricmagazine_art-storeArtwork & More
We welcome artists to send us their work and when chosen for the magazine, we’ll do everything in our power to promote the artist and their work.

This issue not only spotlights artists but provides an interview with the owner of The Dinosaur Farm, a specialty toy and bookstore located in South Pasadena, California.

All in all, Prehistoric Magazine is a thoroughly good read. The stories are fun and interesting and the subject material is always interesting for a lover of all things dinosaur like myself! I look forward to receiving the next issue in my email box and hope you check it out yourself! If you’re not quite ready for a full year, you can purchase the individual issue instead.

The magazine is published in April, August, and December. The price is $9.99 per year or $3.99 for a single issue. Learn more about Prehistoric Magazine here.


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