Jurassic World 3D Project Version 0.3 Now Available – With Gyrosphere and Raptor Blue!

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Version 0.3 of the Jurassic World 3D Project by Michael Pearce (GamingOnTheRaidar on Youtube) is now available for download! This interactive program for PC and Mac lets you explore a fully fleshed out recreation of Jurassic World and its many attractions, sites, and landmarks. In this new update we’re getting our first chance to actually ride in the gyrosphere, a modeled velociraptor Blue, new menu splash screen, and a less intense basic version for use on computers having trouble rendering the full version. See below for all the great changes in the new version and be sure to download it to start exploring!

Version 0.3 of Jurassic World 3D Project Adds the Gyrosphere Ride and Velociraptor Blue!

New to Version 0.3 will be the Main Menu. This is the first time we’ve had an actual Main Menu screen in the Project, and its a very handy addition. Not only does it really help fans get to where they want quicker, but it makes the whole experience feel more complete like an actual game.

MENU_ScreenShotMAIN MENU: I felt like this was necessary, and lets fans choose where they’d like to explore. They can jump straight into the Gyrosphere Ride or select Free Roam to fly around the Park at their own pace, and come straight back to the Main Menu when ever they want. In later versions i’m sure we’ll add even more tabs to give fans the quickest and most enjoyable experience we can put out there.

gyrosphere_screenshotGYROSPHERE: Ride a Gyrosphere in first person! Explore Gyrosphere Valley in all its beauty in this incredible automated tour. Our Park Guide will tour you through the Valley, giving full commentary on the environment and history of the park. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. You can access the Gyrosphere ride from the main menu screen after starting the program. This is how you can ride it from a first person point of view.

Raptor_Render-1VELOCIRAPTOR BLUE: Velociraptor Blue can now be found caged up in the Raptor Paddock on the island. Blue has dark blueish-gray skin with a white line with dark blue in the middle going horizontally from her eye orbit fown to the tip of her tail, which comes from the DNA of the Black-Throated African Monitor Lizard used in her creation. Blue is more intelligent and cunning than the other raptors at Jurassic World. These traits helped her become the leader of the pack. Despite these attributes, Blue has a tendency to be aggressive and usually attacks without thinking. She’s an incredible but dangerous addition to Jurassic World.

Screenshot-3BASIC EDITION: Introducing Jurassic World 3D Project: Basic Edition, a new option for fans out there who’ve had issues with running the Project in the past! This Basic Edition lets fans play our Project using more computer friendly settings, meaning no matter how low spec your computer is, you should be able to explore the park just like anyone else without too much visual compromise. The Basic Edition closes in the rendering distance to only a small area around you and removes all dynamic light and skybox rendering which means a much higher frame rate and smoother experience. We know a lot of people can’t run the Project on their current setup so we hope this Basic Edition helps solve those complaints.

Coming Soon to the Jurassic Park 3D Project

lObviously everyone including us developers are excited for Rexy to come to our Isla Nublar, she is still in early development however she isn’t as far away as we may have thought. As you can see from the images she is just beginning her texturing phase. Our Dinosaur Modeler Andreas has put an incredible amount of detail and care into Rexy and she’s looking absolutely amazing, here’s what he had to say.

oie_transparent (7)“I’m really taking my time with her. I have such a place in my heart for the original Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex that I’m really making sure she looks as screen accurate as possible. Getting good textures is the hardest part, especially since it’s an older movie.”    -Andreas

rexy.006It’s an incredible honor to have such dedicated and talented people like Andreas on our team. We all have one thing in common, an incredible amount of love and respect for these Jurassic Movies. It’s with this love that we use our talents to produce great content for the fans, so thank you all and please give a hand to our amazing development team.

Please look forward to Rexy when she comes to Jurassic World 3D Project before the end of the year.

Download the project here for Windows or Mac!

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What is ‘Jurassic World 3D Project’?

Jurassic World 3D Project lets fans explore the beautiful park recreated from Jurassic World by Michael Pearce. You will be able to freely move anywhere you want and explore the entire island of Isla Nublar. At the 1st of each month we will be releasing a new version of the Project for everyone to enjoy, each version will include the latest updates and models to the Park.

It was made using ‘Unity 3D’ and is only playable on PC and Mac. Jurassic World 3D Project despite its looks, is not a ‘Game’. Its a unique way for fans to explore our 3D Model of Isla Nublar and to check out our animations. The project was never intended to be released as a ‘Playable’ program so don’t expect the same kind of experience you’d get in a game such as Lego Jurassic World.

This Project will constantly be updating, we will release a new version every 1st of each month so stay tuned for some amazing lasting content.

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Download the project here for Windows or Mac!

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