Professional Concept Artist Reimagines Jurassic World Raptors with Scientific Accuracy


Concept artist FredtheDinosaurman on Deviant Art has created some fan-art of the raptor design from Jurassic World, only re-imagined with feathers. You can see the full gallery at the imgur link here and read more about this project below or from his Deviant Art page. I especially like the “falcon” variation, as it is both menacing and beautiful. What do you think? Or should the Jurassic raptors stay feather-less?


With the release of Jurassic World in the summer of 2015, many movie goers were not aware of the lack of paleontological advancements purposefully excluded from the film. The major and most glaring issue was that of the Raptors not being feathered (along with other anatomical errors). Many in the Paleo-community view this as a step backwards as it is going against what the first film set out to do with its dinosaurs and this film missed a golden opportunity to update the public on recent discoveries.

A common argument for the lack of proper plumage being added to any Raptor reconstruction in popular media recently is the fear of the animal(s) not being scary anymore. Though I have my agreements with a few points, I do not believe feathered dinosaurs cannot be scary or terrifying characters in a film, especially if confronting one in person. I know the difference between film and real life and that they can both have different impacts on people psychologically, which leads me to believe making a horrifying plumed Raptor on film would need more precise and attentive care in design and performance than a scaled, JP styled one.




With this, I took it upon myself to make 4 unique designs, balancing accuracy and aesthetics as much as I possibly could with minimal sacrifice to each side. They are all based on Birds living today, mostly on Birds of Prey (which are also called “raptors”). The eagle is my favorite as eagles tend to be very regal and intimidating, yet at the same time, majestic and beautiful. A trait that you can see the original creature designers at ILM did with the first Jurassic film, using real animals as a reference to make they’re designs more believable. The fourth and last image, the Infograph, contains notes and suggestions for artists out there who wish to make feathered Raptors for their projects, as well as other dinosaur artists at the bottom of the page I highly recommend you check out as they were not only an inspiration to me but are very good at making awesome dinosaurs, feathered or scaled.

I worked and planned this out for months and hope it shows. My goal is hoping as many people as possible see this and not only are entertained and intrigued by what they see but also that they learn something new, ask questions, and come away feeling knowledgeable. That’s all any dinosaur-enthusiast wants, to share our love of these amazing animals with the world.

Who knows, maybe Universal studios might see it and reconsider the dinosaurs of Jurassic World 2?

See the full Gallery Here:



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