Jurassic World Previs Reels from Michael Cavanaugh & Halon Entertainment

JW_Logo_3000Michael Cavanaugh from Tippet Studios and Halon Entertainment have released videos showcasing some of the early previs for Jurassic World. Previs, short for pre-visualtiation, is where temporary animations are dropped into a scene to help block out the action well before the official CGI is added later. Previs is often used instead of storyboards for larger action sequences nowadays as well.

Check out the two videos below. They contain a few sequences including the raptor/indominus scene, mainstreet attack, the final battle scene, and the last shot of the film featuring rexxy roaring from the helipad. It’s fun to see how the early work matches, and differentiates, from the final product. It looks like that last shot was originally intended to feature rain, but it was left out, leaving Jurassic World the only chapter in the franchise without a single shot with rain. Interesting stuff!

Jurassic World Previz from Michael Cavanaugh

Worked with Phil Tippett (original Dinosaur Supervisor on Jurassic Park) to block out raptor behavior and animation. So fun to fill this previz out with audio and help it drop right into early edits of the film.

Jurassic World Previs Reel from Halon Entertainment

Director Colin Trevorrow

Previs Supervisor
Andrew Moffett

Previs Artists
Kenny DiGiordano
Grant Olin
Punn Wiantrakoon
Paolo Joel Ziemba

Patrice Avery


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