Top Ten Dinosaur Movies of All Time – 100 Years of Dinosaurs in Film

Dinosaur movies have been entertaining audiences for more than a century. This is our top 10 dinosaur films of all time, excluding sequels & documentaries. We take a look at the history of their special effects, educational value and more in this video essay.

Ever since 1914 Hollywood has been giving us a window to the world of dinosaurs. Our countdown explores the different styles of dinosaur films. We talk about how the special effects used to bring them to life has changed over the decades (or not changed in many cases). We explore how the science of dinosaurs has shifted over time. And we’re also interested in which dinosaur movies are the most entertaining to watch.

This is The Dinosaur Stop’s Top Ten Dinosaur Movies… of All Time, hosted by Alicia. We’ve excluded sequels and documentaries in this list to stick to original narrative releases, although we may do more lists in the future to tackle them separately.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss any of your favorites? Are there any on the list you think don’t belong. Leave a comment telling us what you think. And if you’d like to see more Top Ten List videos be sure to LIKE this and share with your friends!

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Please Note: This video essay is for educational purposes and includes clips from various works intended to be used in a fair use manner. Footage has been edited to support the narrative telling of the history of dinosaurs as characters in film. No infringement intended.

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