Hasbro Loses Jurassic World License – Mattel to Take Over Jurassic Toys in 2017

Jurassic-world-Mattel-Hasbro-licenseA couple of days ago there were reports that Hasbro’s recent boys toys’ sales had a sharp downturn with Transformers and Jurassic World toys featuring a significant drop. Hasbro’s license option with Universal Studios is up for renewal for 2017 and it is looking like the movie studio, perhaps disappointed in revenue, is going to move in a new direction.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

But sales in its boys division rose just 4% in the period after posting a 24% gain in the first quarter. The weakness was caused by a 20% drop in Transformers and another “significant” drop in Jurassic World toys, which the company says will continue to weigh on results this year. Chief Executive Brian Goldner added that Hasbro will lose the Jurassic Park license at the end of 2017 because Hasbro couldn’t agree on renewal terms with the franchise’s owner, Universal Studios.

Will the Rampage Indominus Rex ever see the light of day?

Will the Rampage Indominus Rex ever see the light of day?

I, like many Jurassic fans, have been vocal about my disappointment in Hasbro’s action figure lineup based on the billion dollar film. From unsightly screw-holes on one side of the figures (deceivingly hidden from view in the package) and the use of cheap and hard plastic rather than rubber or a more forgiving-to-play-with-material, to the lack of human character action figures (until the recently under-released Owen playset). The toys have been lacking to say the least, and the sales apparently represent that.

Now, all indications are that the toy super-company Mattel will be taking over for Hasbro. Deadline is reporting that Mattel has won the licensing rights and they will take effect beginning July 2017. It seems as though Hasbro will retain the rights until that time.

From the Deadline article:

Mattel is roaring this morning about the latest win in its effort to secure rights to make toys and other merchandise tied to hit movies. It picked up the master license for Universal’s Jurassic World. The move from Hasbro takes effect in July 2017, in time for the next film in the franchise due in 2018.

Mattel CEO Chris Sinclair vows to develop “multiple new lines of innovative, engaging toys and products.” The subject likely will come up tomorrow when the company releases its Q2 earnings and speaks to analysts.

New Batman and Superman action figures from Mattel

New Batman and Superman action figures from Mattel

Mattel is most known for their brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels, but they also cover many known IPs including action figures for the DC Universe. Personally, I think they do action figures well, but I’m hoping to see dinosaurs that actually look like their film counterparts… And a move away from Hybrid-ized characters.

And what is to happen with Hasbro’s new line of Jurassic World Dino Hybrid toys? Only a small handful of the more than twelve designs have actually shown up in select stores. More are slated to appear in stores this fall, including the Rampage Indominus Rex, in time for the holidays. This may change if Hasbro feels it isn’t worth pursuing any more JW toys and the ones that have already been released may soon become collector’s items!

What do you think of the move? Do you have high hopes for Mattel? What did you think of Hasbro’s work thus far? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for more Jurassic World and dinosaur toy news!

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