Jurassic World 3D Project: Update on what’s going on

Find more info about what the future of this project is HERE!

“Jurassic World 3D Project will stop development. In the future I will be re-doing the entire project again from scratch but with the proper knowledge and tools so that the project is of the highest quality possible. It’ll take time, and I can’t guarantee it’ll be finished but its a goal that’s already set in motion. Ultimately this will be all worth it in the long run. It just means you’ll have to say goodbye to the project you all know and love today, and welcome a better version in the future. The project will still be available for download for free at our website bellow of course, so please enjoy that forever. I hope this makes sense to you all, i hate to see things go this way. I guess sometimes in life we have to let go of what we’re use to and what we love, to move on and make things better for everyone.”

Download the latest version of Jurassic World 3D Project HERE! http://pangyanews.wix.com/jw3dproject

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