New Jurassic World Behind the Scenes Videos!

jurassicworldlogoThe official Jurassic World YouTube channel has started uploading brand new behind the scenes featurettes from the filming of Jurassic World. Only a small handful are currently viewable, but nearly one hundred videos have been uploaded so far. Perhaps they will become available someday soon, but for now, you can check out these great videos below. The ten minute video about props is particularly interesting! Perhaps we will be seeing a new special edition Bluray featuring much of this new footage? Some of the shorter videos below were previously featured on the official Facebook and Twitter and a few of the videos were on the Bluray, but many are brand new! Check them out!

Props and easter eggs

How Jurassic World sounds were made

Chris Pratt in the jungle

Chris Pratt feeding dinosaurs

Pratt in visitor center

Chris Pratt: Indominus Paddock

Chris Pratt on motorcycle with raptors

Building the Gyrosphere

Dinosaur experts

Chris Pratt interviews Colin Trevorrow

Welcome to Jurassic World

Tribute to Jurassic Park


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