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A lot of fun and learning for all ages!

We ended up spending half a day here on our way to Tampa one year. There's a lot of full-size dinosaur models to look at and you can spend a couple hours just walking around the path. They have great information plaques at every dino so you and your kids can learn what they ate and when they lived. Some of the older models weren't nearly as good as the newer ones, and some were even the wrong size or proportion, but that's alright because it's just as much an artistic exhibit as it is educational.

The animatronic section wasn't nearly as big as the outdoor portion, but there was still some interesting exhibits inside, so worth checking out as well.

We ended up spending an hour alone in the massive gift shop before leaving. They have everything related to dinosaurs, from incredible fossil reproductions to fun and educational toys. Would definitely go again next time we're down for a visit.

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