117 Main Street, Hill City, SD 57745, USA

The Museum @ Black Hills Institute is a modest but incredible natural history museum. Natural history enthusiasts can rest assured; you will find something unique in this treasure trove of amazing dinosaurs, fossils, minerals and collectibles from all over the world.

The intriguing nature of the Museum's specimens stems from the founding geologists' passion to collect items they love and to share them with as many people as possible. Over the past several decades they have inspired many people with this same love of natural history. We sincerely hope if you are not a natural history fan when you arrive... you will be by the time you leave!

South Dakota once had seaside property. During the Cretaceous while T. rex roamed the land, a seaway spanning central South Dakota abounded with sea creatures. Our collection teems with many of these strange and amazing animals.

Black Hills Institute of Geological Research Inc., has long been recognized as the world’s finest paleontological and earth science supply house. The Institute’s primary business is supplying professionally prepared fossils, fossil casts, and mineral specimens for research, teaching, and exhibit. Our staff have been the leaders in developing new techniques and new materials for use in fossil exploration, collection, preparation, and exhibition.

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