Here you’ll find some dinosaur video games that you can play directly from your browser. Games require flash and a desktop computer.

Select a game to play below or check out the links to other websites with fun dinosaur related games at the bottom of the page. Have fun playing!

Dino Run

The asteroid has hit… run, jump, and claw your way to survival in this fast-paced, simple, yet addictive game! Flash required.
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Dino Shift

Help Murphy the Dino collect gummy blocks by changing color in this fun puzzle platform game. Flash required.
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New York Rex

Play as a T-Rex set loose on the streets of New York. Eat people and cause destruction. Flash required. Mature content.
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Jurassic Flight

Enter a Jurassic world to fly and collect eggs as a pterodactyl! Click and hold your mouse to fly. Flash required.
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